The greatest of efforts are not concerned with results.
— Guatama Buddha

     Enthusiasm is it's own reward. Especially when it comes to the arts. So growing up in a world of accomplishments can wear you down if your not careful. I grew up in Boston Massachusetts, and like many of us, I was told by society, family and media that I need to earn to be relevant in the eyes of society and in turn in the eyes of individuals within the society, including myself. Therefore i acquiesced and made climbing in my profession of utmost importance. But was never at peace.

     It was not until i was older when i realized that being fullfilled is an internal quest that has no answers coming from elsewhere.  And for me,  Music is a big part of that quest. whether playing a love song to fill the soul or just having fun and filling the room with levity, I have brought into my life Love and Music whenever and wherever possible ever since. 


     Only recently has that journey Taken me to perform in front of others, but i still keep progress measured in my soul, not in my pocket. That having been said, This site is designed to be a platform through which i can share love through music and word. Playing with other like minded and Loving people Helps create an environment that we all can be proud of. 

     I'm pretty sure this is not a typical Bio, but for anyone who might read this, this will tell you more about who i really am than my age, ethnicity, religion or background. please contact me with any feedback. Ideas or comments would be appreciated.